We love animals, so of course we have a hospital mascot!! Like many veterinary hospitals, our mascots are "special needs".



Thumper, a Calico cat, is quite a character. She was a stray that charmed her way into the hearts of the staff. She has congenital spina bifada which results in an unusual hopping gait, hence her name. Also as a result of spina bifida, she had chronic bowel problems which led to the removal of most of her large bowel. Fully recovered, she keeps us in line with her "cat-itude". She likes to hang out in our "Quiet Room" but her favorite spot is curled up on top of the dryer.

In Loving Memory



Ray wave

Sadly, we said a heartbroken goodbye to Raymond in July 2015.  Though he was only with us for four short years, we made a lifetime of memories.  Many of you were on the receiving end of his front-desk greetings, and at one time or another he probably flopped down on top of your paperwork...or your keys.  Ray came to us as a stray from Faithful Friends, but quickly found his way into our hearts...and our lunches.  Emperor of his little LVH kingdom, we'll never forget those concussion-inducing headbutts, and how we could hear him snoring across the room.  Rest in peace, sweet Ray.  See you on the other side of the Bridge.



We said goodbye to our Miles in the spring of 2014.  He was our quiet observer and favorite chair warmer in our treatment room.  Miles had come into our family about seven years earlier due to urinary issues, which were resolved with low doses of Prozac.  We miss our sweet gentleman!




Patti, our majestic black cat, passed away in 2007. She was adopted by us from another veterinary hospital that closed. She was "Queen of the Hospital", majestically strutting down the hallway. A sweet diabetic, she lived until the age of 19!



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