Doggy Day Care

Is your dog bored while you are at work? Do you come home and discover the trash knocked over and that shoes or furniture have been chewed? Does your best buddy have a little too much energy for you to relax when you get home? Bring your buddy to Doggy Day Care for plenty of exercise as well as socialization with other dogs.

Our Doggy Day Care is located in the "yellow house" adjacent to our main hospital. We have large, fenced-in outdoor play areas are over ½ acre in size and have plenty of room for your dog to play ball, romp with other doggy friends or play on the playground equipment.

Your friends' fun-filled day includes plenty of outdoor exercise and a quiet time, which allows them to catch their breath before an afternoon of play. Although dogs that are ill should not attend daycare, we can arrange for your dog to have a physical examination and vaccines etc. at Limestone Veterinary Hospital while attending Doggy Day Care.

In order to keep all of our campers as happy and healthy as possible, we do have several vaccine requirements.  Your camper needs to be current on the following vaccines:  Rabies, DHLP-P, Bordetella, Canine Influenza and have had a negative fecal test within the last six months.  If you have vaccinations done elsewhere, we will need a vaccine certificate from your veterinarian.



Doggy Day Care Webcams!

Do you want to see how much fun your dog has at Doggy Daycare? Take a look at our Doggy Daycare webcams:


Inside Play Area - Apple Orchard View

Inside Play Area - Hearth Room (This room may have resting or napping dogs in the early afternoon)

Sun Room (This room is frequently reserved for small dogs or is used for additional naps)

Outside Play Yard - Apple Orchard

Outside Play Yard - Evergreen

Can't see your dog? Please note that due to the location of the webcams, there are indoor and outdoor "blind spots" that are not visible to the webcams.

Please note that to save bandwidth, our webcams time out after a few minutes. Clicking on the arrow at the lower left of the screen will restart a view of the fun!

Doggy Day Care Photos!
Please follow our Doggy Day Care Facebook Page.   We generally add pictures every day.

Our Doggy Day Care is available Monday through Thursday from 7 am to 7 pm and Friday 7 am to 6 pm. Please see below under Pricing for our less expensive half day options.


We offer full- and half-day pricing as well as five-, ten-, fifteen-, and twenty-day packages.  Please call our office for rates.

Half days are available for dogs that enter OR leave between 12:00 and 1:00 pm. For example if your dog is dropped off AND picked up any time between 7:00 am and 1:00 pm you will only be charged for a half day. Alternatively, if your dog is dropped off AND picked up any time between 12:00 pm and 7:00 pm (6 pm on Fridays) you again will only be charged for a half day. Confused? Please call us and our friendly staff will assist you!


Initial Temperament Evaluation $15.75

An initial temperament evaluation is required before dogs can join Doggy Day Care. The evaluation is for the protection of your dog as well as for the other people and dogs at Doggy Daycare. This evaluation helps to determine if your dog is friendly toward other dogs and people and therefore a good candidate for daycare. Due to the ever-changing dynamics of Doggy Daycare, if your pet has not been to Daycare for 6 months or more, we will need to repeat their evaluation.



Our Package Discount fees are based on the advance purchase of one of our pass plans. All of our passes are good for six months, valid from date of purchase, are non-refundable, and do not have to be used on consecutive days. We offer 5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-day Full-Day and Half-Day packages.  Please call our office for pricing.




It is an organized and closely supervised environment for friendly dogs to interact and play both indoors and outdoors in a supervised environment during the day.


Most of the day is spent interacting and playing with the other dogs. In addition to spacious indoor rooms, there are large fenced-in play areas where dogs can run and play. Their day also includes snack time and quiet time.

The purpose of Doggy Daycare is to provide stimulation, exercise, and socialization. Doggy Daycare can provide excellent socialization opportunities with other dogs and other people. Busy owners often arrive home tired and are unable to give their dog the amount of exercise and play it needs to maintain good physical and mental health. Without adequate exercise dogs sometimes develop problems such as destructive behavior, incessant barking and can regress in their housebreaking. Doggy Daycare can also help relieve the stress of separation anxiety your dog may be having.

The evaluation is for the protection of your dogs as well as for the other people and dogs at Doggy Daycare. This evaluation helps to determine if your dog is friendly toward other dogs and people and therefore a good candidate for daycare.

Our large fenced in yards offer plenty of opportunities. We take the puppies out as often as needed.

To avoid territorial and ownership issues that may lead to misunderstandings between dogs, we ask that you do not bring in your dogs' toys. We provide a wide variety of toys, playground equipment, tunnels and beds for everyone to play with.


We have found that temperament is the most important factor in determining playgroups. We will separate small dogs from big dogs or young from old if needed. However, we have found some large and small dogs love to play together and the larger dog seems to understand he is bigger and therefore is more gentle while playing. This is determined on a case by case basis and is discussed with the owner. We know the personalities of each dog, and are able to divide the dogs into playgroups according to the dogs that are in attendance that particular day. The group dynamics change with each dog introduced to the playgroup and are constantly re-evaluated.

The dogs are constantly supervised to try to prevent dog fights. We reward good behavior and discourage "overly rough playing", which can escalate to aggression. If a day care dog exhibits unacceptable behavior, the dog is given a timeout and the owner is informed of our concerns. We will then work with the owner to resolve the problem or, with continued problems the dog will be asked to leave daycare.